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Over the years, many people have asked us the question, "Why do you call yourselves 'G.F.N.S. (Good For Nothing Slaves) Productions'?" The inspiration for our name comes from the words of Jesus in the book of Luke Chapter 17 Verses 10. In this parable, Jesus talks about a servant that does the things required of him. After the servant had finished for his task of the day, he wouldn't expect special applause or to be served by his master as a result. Instead, he would probably still have to attend to his master in the evening. This same humble attitude should be in us as well when we serve God and others, namely:

When you have done all the things assigned to you, say, ‘We are GOOD-FOR-NOTHING SLAVES (aka Unprofitable Servants). What we have done is what we ought to have done'.

Our company is dedicated to developing various christian content for the sake of helping those who are seeking to grow more in their relationship with Yahweh God through his son Yeshua (aka Jesus) the messiah. You will find different projects that we have worked on from music, books, devotionals, movies and more Lord willing. All of our material is provided free of cost and solely on the basis of voluntary contributions; thus, please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to request a free copy of our books.

Additionally, we also organize various community events and prison outreach from time to time. So be sure to follow us on the various social media outlets for more information on future opportunities to link up. 

Call us toll free at 1-855-YAHWEH-7 (924-9347)

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About the Author/Artist

I was born in Haiti, Port Au Prince, and raised Miami, Fl. I didn't always make the best decisions as a youth, but God had grace on me. At the age of 18, I repented of my sins and was baptized for the forgiveness of my sins in the name of Jesus Christ. Since then, I've endeavored to serve God in all aspects of my life. Spent some time in the SF Bay Area, but I now currently reside in the Palm Beach area.

I wrote about my youth and conversion in my written & musical autobiographies titled, “The Book of Keax, the death story of Nicolas Joachim”, "Second Child, the life story of Nicolas Joachim", & “Immigrant Story Mix Tape” respectively.  Check the links out for more information.


Brother Nicolas "Keax" Joachim

An Unprofitable Servant (Luke 17:10)