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John's Book - Street


Are you like many who think the Bible isn't relevant to your culture? Do you ever think, "Can God really relate to me?" Well, I'm here to tell you that He can. He's not prejudice, nor does He act uppity. He doesn't expect you to rock a suit or talk "proper" in order for you to be down with Him. In fact, while His Son was here, He grew up without a dad on earth from a young age. As an adult, He was broke and homeless. (Matthew 8:20) In our day, He would've probably been labeled by most as "just another kid from the ghetto." Even in His day, people said that He was nothing just because of where He came from. (John 1:46) In the same sense, a lot of people today ask, "Can anything good come from the hood?" If you answered correctly, then this book is for you. The truth is that God came for all of us, and He wanted to talk to us in our own language. So listen up!

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John's Book


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