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Posted by GFNSProductions on October 14, 2017 at 12:35 PM

There once was a programmer who created a video game. When he designed it is was perfect and all the characters in the game lived forever in peace avoiding dangers. However, one day a virus started to spread in the program and the game became corrupted. The characters stopped responding to the controller commands and hurt/killed themselves as a result. There were a few characters in the game that would still respond to the controller but not fully and they eventually died as well. Eventually, the game was so out of control that the characters were killing each other and even started making fun of the programmer. He tried resetting the game and cleaning the program, after saving a few characters in a saved file. Nevertheless, the virus continued to spread once the game restarted again and eventually became even worst than before. So the programmer decided to do the one last thing before destroying the program all together and creating a new one. He created a special character in the game that was the exact representation of himself to resolve the problem with the virus. He even added his exact voice, personality, and programming power to the special character. This special character could & did do whatever the programmer commanded. It was as if the programmer jumped into the game via virtual reality glasses, a microphone and a motion Sensor. He helped the other characters in the game that were corrupted and allowed them to get to truly know the programmer. He also told them about the new game that the programmer was creating and how they could be a part of it. He showed them where a new saved file folder was located and what to do in order to be part of it so that they could be part of the new game. Unfortunately, some of the more corrupted characters became jealous of this special character. They even accused him of being the source of the virus. However, that didn't make sense to the more humble characters because why would the source of the virus be able to do so many remarkable things and fix so many problems in the program. Nevertheless, the jealous characters conspired to kill the special character but the special character and programmer already knew that they would try to do that. Still, they let them kill him so that everyone can truly see how special he really was. When it was time, they tortured and killed the special character while mocking him for all to see. However, after a little while the special character came back to life showing that he was the only one in the game with unlimited lives. Soon after, he left the game to go back to the programmer but not until he left instructions about how to get into the saved file. The special character also promised that he would come back before it was time for the game to be destroyed in order to get all those characters in the saved file. He also left them with an invisible character to watch over them and guide them until he came back. Time passed and some still remembered the special character while others went back to mocking the programmer or not even believing that there was one. They said that this game just happened by accident because of all the chaos they saw caused by the virus. Still for some, the chaos was just a sign that the time for the game to be destroyed was fast approaching and that the new game would start soon; therefore, they got ready by getting to the saved file. Which character are you?

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