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Chess Game (Romans 8:28 -29)

Posted by GFNSProductions on January 7, 2012 at 11:35 PM

In this christian life, The Father is like a chess master and we are his chess pieces. Whatever your position, trust in his plan, & his hands. Since He is making the moves, we can't lose. Like Andy Mineo said, "These bars hard to explain, so I calculate my rhymes sort of like a chess game. I'm trying to balance all my art and theology, so when it comes out of me, I represent Him properly." Much like a chess game, there are times that we may feel, as his pieces, that we aren't really involved in the match. Don't let that fool you. These downtimes are actually instrumental for the sake of getting all of the pieces in position. Not all the pieces can move at the same time. Instead, timing is key in the pursuit of the conquest. Nevertheless, this game has already been written from start to end because there is no comparison between the opponents. Our Master is able to anticipate moves ahead of time even to infinity. So we can be sure of the outcome of this game. Our King, Jesus Christ, will be the only one left standing on the board, for all other pieces will eventually have to bow, to the glory of the Father.

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